Our photographic work showcases precision and originality. Our portrait work – animals as well as humans – reveals the essence of our subjects and their interactions with their surroundings. In our commercial and product photography, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount, whether we’re considering 180 degree panoramas, capturing the best of an exotic travel destination or exploring urban and industrial areas. Shapes, tones and textures in our black and white photography provide an added dimension to this offering.

Panoramic Photography

Another special interest at O’Brien Images is the use of panoramic compositions to best show off the beauty and functionality of spaces. We can create breathtaking 180-degree panoramas of various landscapes, indoor spaces and skylines – high-impact visuals to enhance homes, office spaces and promotional material.

Wildlife Photography

O’Brien Images has a special interest in wildlife photography – fauna and flora; everything from the Big Five to a rare flower. Our knowledge of wildlife, lighting manipulation and advanced camera equipment help us to consistently and accurately capture the spirit and soul of the world of nature.

Product Photography

Attention to fine detail is as important to our staff as it is you when photographing your products for presentations or marketing material. We combine patience and creativity to ensure that your product is displayed in the most appealing way possible.

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