Designer and Photographer

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a creator.
From casting and painting toy soldiers to restoring cars, there has always been a perfectionist inside of me unsatisfied with anything less than my best.

After several years designing in different agencies, I launched O’Brien Design as an opportunity to offer clients the best creative service I know how…And I’ve never looked back.

Although we’re pretty  young, we’ve amassed a fairly impressive client base and I have no intention of slowing the momentum!

Here’s to the future…


Illustrator and Designer

I’m obsessed with beautiful things. I’m a dreamer, believer and a crazy dog lady. Give me pen and paper and I will love you forever.

Illustrator and Designer

Colour, line, shape, form…I’m inspired by everything and hope to one day switch over to the side of the inspiring.

I am an illustrator, designer and visual student. I’m always up for a spark to light the fire!


Informatics / Digital Engineer

A child of the digital era, I was raised in the evolution of the technological world. In South Africa, technology was a late party guest, but in a relatively short time has exploded into it’s own.

I am endlessly inspired, awed and amazed by the creation of this new world by the minds of some incredible people. I am a follower and enthusiast of the latest trends and endeavour to carve my own path into the binary plane.

I’m both an engineer and a student of all things code based, specialising in building the engines that affect, alter and hopefully change our world.

Industrial Designer

The newest gadgets, the latest techniques, and the sleekest designs, I am inspired by life around me. Always keen for the next adventure.

I am a Product Designer and DIYer. I’m always ready to make the next concept reality.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I am inspired by the opportunities that life offers – wherever you look, you will find them. Each blank page (or screen) offers a whole new world that becomes something that will talk to others in a language that no-one speaks but everyone understands. Graphic design offers me the opportunity to communicate in this way. I am still finding my voice in this space, but already know that the relationship that exists between me and those blank screens is something that has captivated me. There is simply nothing that provides satisfaction like filling a blank page with life and language through design.

Web Developer and Designer

I am inspired by the flexibility and seemingly limitless possibilities of modern technology to express my creativity in digital format.

I am a web & graphic designer at heart but my inquisitive mind pushes me to try anything to enable me to cover all aspects of design and development.

Copy Writer & Editor of Horse Trading Magazine

It feels like yesterday – eagerly awaiting mom’s arrival at just after four.  Every single day she would bring along a new magazine for me, with that freshly printed smell still clinging to the pages.  It didn’t matter the topic – I had an insatiable desire to consume it all.
This went on for ages. Then I started writing and before I’d left school I had been published in one of those glossy magazines I loved so much to read.   The rest, of course, is history…

Poignant writing is so much more than merely stringing beautifully crafted sentences together, it’s about conveying a feeling that people simply don’t forget.


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