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Suitable for: Horses/ponies who tend to be overweight or that require a maintenance diet only. Can also be used for horses needing additional forage.

Style: Pellet

Product Description

Nice ‘n Easy offers many applications ranging from a consistent quality forage alternative to an ideal feed solution for good doers or horses on box rest requiring maintenance feeding only, or those not needing a high energy or protein concentrate but still wanting something in their feed bowls.

Nice ‘n Easy can be used as a partial hay replacer in rations for all classes of horses. Nice ‘n Easy is also ideal for stretching available hay in times of hay scarcity or when the quality of available roughage is not desirable.

Nice ‘n Easy is fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals and also contains added oils making it a very suitable maintenance ration especially for good doers with low activity, but in need of a quality ration that will also ensure a healthy coat. Nice n Easy also contains 1g/kg of live yeast culture for improved gut health.

For good doers, diluting the existing hard feed incrementally with Nice ‘n Easy until a balance is found on which the horse maintains well, is recommended.

Additional advantages of using Nice ‘n Easy:

  • Reduced feed wastage – very little waste occurs with pellets as compared to the 20% or more wastage with long-stemmed hays.
  • Consistent and maximum nutrient quality – pellets are manufactured under rigid quality control standards and must meet product nutrient guarantees.
  • Avoiding dust and mould spores – minimizes exposure to harmful dust and mould spores compared to long-stemmed hays which can be useful for horses with respiratory issues.

Feeding Guidelines

Feeding horses correctly requires a good eye and careful monitoring of your horse’s individual needs, condition and behaviour. We therefore suggest you contact us directly for personalised feeding advise- contact Equus Horse Feeds at + 27 73 423 5491 / + 27 83 998 6824.

Equus Nice ‘n Easy is classified as a roughage supplement and is designed as a partial hay replacer to stretch hay in times of scarcity or to improve the quality of the total roughage portion when general hay quality is low.

Note: Nice ‘n Easy must never be used to replace long stemmed hay completely ! It is advisable that a minimum of 1% of body mass (0.5% in extreme circumstances) of long stemmed hay be available at all times even if of low quality.

Effective long fibres are essential for optimum digestive health and the importance of the long fibre outweighs the importance of the quality.

If you are using another concentrate and are feeding Nice n Easy to enhance your hay/ grazing then the average 500kg horse will need between

  • 0.25-0.5% of body weight per day for maintenance/light work (1.25-2.5kg per day)
  • 0.5-1% of body weight per day for medium level work (2.5-5kg)

However upwards of 2% of body weight per day can be fed if long stemmed roughage is in extremely short supply and you need to use Equus Nice ‘n Easy as your horses roughage source.

If you are looking to feed Nice n Easy as a maintenance diet for horses not in work or those needing a calorie controlled diet then the average 500kg horse would need between 0.25-0.75% of body weight (1.25- 3.75kg) per day with ad lib hay and/or grazing without the need for any other concentrate.

Nutritional Specifications